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Cape Town to Kilimanjaro 

Africa is perhaps best known for its wildlife, and the incredibly beautiful areas she possesses. Unfortunately, the vast majority of her people will never have the opportunity to visit these areas, or learn about the animals that draw visitors in from all over the world.


Lessons in Conservation has set out to change that, and through this expedition we hope to change the lives of 1000 children, who if it were not for us, may never have received a lesson focused on environmental conservation.


Through the expedition we hope to raise awareness about some of the conservation issues facing the continent, and help to build the stepping stones that may one day lead to the solutions. This expedition has been created with three basic goals in mind.

Meet the Team

Our sponsors

We know that the journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step. This incredible journey will touch many lives, but we can not do it alone. Thank you to the amazing people who have come on board to make this possible.


The donation made by Jeremy Robertson and the team at Lockwood Executive Search has made this trip possible. 


making a donation 

We are aiming to raise $10 000 during the trip, this money will go towards ensuring the Lessons in Conservation mission continues to drive forward and sharing our passion for conservation and education continues to live on. 

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