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What We Do & How We Do It


Our Mantra: Serving to Save

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Educate Children

We educate children from underprivileged communities that have limited access to information. The children are taught basic ecological principles and the importance of conservation.

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Create a connection between wildlife & people

We aim to create a long-lasting connection between people and wildlife through first-hand engagement on educational excursions to reserves. This is done by taking the children on game drives, bush walks and other educational activities following their 'in-classroom' learnings. 

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Fund training courses for identified students

Our final goal is to send the most exceptional students we identify through our programmes to accredited training courses in a variety of fields within the conservation sector. We then help to facilitate their employment into the industry, allowing them to become conservation heroes and heroins in their communities.


LiC identifies communities that may never have the chance to learn about conservation or experience wildlife for themselves. It is in these areas, we feel our work has the greatest impact.

LiC has created a 6 lesson syllabus:

The first 4 lessons are similar across all regions, focussing on the broad strokes of conservation and ecology, they are only adapted with area-specific examples to make the lessons more identifiable and understandable to the children.

The final 2 lessons change dependent on the region, as each region and country faces different conservation issues. We pride ourselves on helping to create locally crafted conservation solutions to understand and solve local problems.

The lessons often include the use of physical specimens and games to ensure that the information being portrayed is both practical and interactive.

In addition to the 6 lesson-syllabus taught, we take the children on wildlife excursions to not only build on the principles taught but also for them to develop a deeper understanding of nature and conservation through a first-hand wildlife experience.

Sustainable Feedback Loop

The goal is that all the children who participate in our program will continue to share their new-found knowledge on conservation; impacting and altering their communities beliefs and behaviours, creating a sustainable cycle of conservation between nature and people.

We also hope to identify students who display drive, passion and a desire to work in conservation. These students will then be sponsored to complete a FGASA course. This will enable them to become qualified game rangers and find continuous employment in the industry. The learners receiving these bursaries will be encouraged to return to LiC and teach the new generations in underprivileged areas, creating a sustainable and perpetual cycle of conservation between nature and people.

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