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Team Vacancies

At Lessons in Conservation we believe that each member of our team is more than just a number, you are part of the family and an important part of the organisation. 

LiC is a youth-led non-profit organisation working towards a better future for us all, majority of our funding goes directly towards educating the youth of Africa.


This means that team members are part of teams on a volunteer basis without any compensation, you will however gain value skills and work experience that will no doubt give you the upper hand when applying to full time positions in the future. 

Current Vacancies

We currently have no team member vacancies, please keep an eye out here and on our social media for the latest update.

Roles and responsibilities 


  • Prepare a written financial update, including all regional incomes and expenditures and share these with the Financial Manager before the 5thday of each month

  • Present updated budget, incomes and expenses and plan for the next quarter at the quarterly Finance meeting

  • Prepare annual team budget and share it with the Financial Manager

  • Ensure documents of slips are uploaded into the correct Google Drive folder within seven days of completion of the activity


  • Secretary for all meetings, recording minutes, attendance and distributing these records to the team members and Regional Manager upon completion of the meeting

  • Ensure all important documents are filed and copied

  • Maintain team information sheets

  • Ensure the Excel sheet containing the most updated numbers are uploaded to Google Drive within seven days of completion of the activity

  • Ensure the pre-and post-intervention surveys are printed out before the 1st and last lesson

  • Collect the surveys following their completion and transfer the data from the surveys into the Excel sheets and upload these to the correct google Drive within seven days of completion of the activity


  • Identify sustainable and viable High Impact Areas (HIA’s) in which our lessons will be most beneficial

  • Liaise with targeted communities and community leaders, ensuring open communication channels and a strong working relationship within the communities

  • Maintain a positive personal relationship with all community-based partners

  • Liaise with institutions and departments within the respective represented Universities that can aid in carrying out LiC operations

  • Maintain a positive relationship with the institutional authorities


  • Liaise with the Curriculum Manager to ensure what the team teachers are up to date and relevant, including area-specific lessons

  • Ensuring interactivity by the use of various mediums and teaching tools

  • Mentoring those that teach within the team to ensure a high standard of education is maintained

  • Organise all LiC-related field excursions taking place, including those on holiday programs. This amounts to a minimum of an excursion per set of lessons

  • Ensure all parties are indemnified and all safety procedures are followed

  • Ensure an ethical approach is followed and supported in terms of excursion locations

  • Oversee the management of all LiC regional conservation-based projects outside of the scope of our primary educational operations

  • Ensure the children understand the surveys and complete them as honestly as possible


  • Oversee all aspects of fundraising, including setting SMART goals and monitoring progress for each quarter

  • Monitor the interface with any current or potential donors

  • Expand and cement the donor base including MySchool card sign-ups

  • Dispersedonor-focussed monthly and newsletters and annual reviews

  • Seek specific donors to certain requirements when deemed necessary

  • Organise and conduct at least two main events per calendar year with a primary focus on fundraising and exposure

  • Oversee all aspects involved with the event, including but not necessarily limited to-decor, order of proceedings, catering, venue hire, entertainment, guest speakers, etc

  • Organise and conduct at least 2 additional events per calendar year, with a primary focus on fundraising

  • Oversee all aspects involved with the event


  • Ensure that high-quality media material is created and prepared to reflect all Events and activities for the use of marketing and publication

  • Ensure marketing content is uploaded into the correct Google Drive folder within 7 days after completion of the activity

  • Implement and innovate professional brand development on a regional scale.

  • Attend monthly marketing meeting


  • Responsible for liaising between FLiC and LiC including the signing of the agreement

  • Maintain the FLiC Whatsapp group and recruit new FLiC members

  • Ensure all members are active and have an in-depth understanding of LiC operations

  • Ensure all FLiC activities are conducted within the outlined objectives of LiC

  • Keep FLiC informed and engaged, including boosting morale and encouraging initiative

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